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Customer Feedback 

"Chrissie has been very friendly and giving me strategies to manage my health and the confidence to challenge myself and others."


"The support provided has helped me think clearly and confront issues I encounter. Chrissie has been really helpful."


"The support and advice offered non-judgemental.  Allowed me to talk through issues and see my own self-worth. Lynsey has been a fantastic support throughout and has helped to build my confidence and self-worth"

"Lynsey has helped through a difficult period of transition.  Superb support through a life changing tragedy."


Peace of Mind at Work

This online resource forms part of the Case-uk  support services

Working with Case-uk and our associates in Managing Mental Health in the Workplace will help you identify early signs, give you practical ways to prevent work-related illnesses and provide effective ways to preserve your employees' wellbeing and tackle the stigma that still exists.

Karen at work in our contact centre 


Covid 19 update

Covid 19

Business Support Blog through 

February 2021

  • 871 Referrals received

  • 96% Self Referral Rate

  • 78% Conversion rate from referral to support approved 

  • 685 Support plans Approved

  • 100% Accepted   

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Pat's Comments

“I know this will help people to say how much you and everyone at your workplace have helped me through this difficult time and with my mental health, I couldn’t have done it without your help, thank you so much”


Let Case UK support the mental health and well-being of you and your staff during this National Crisis

We are living in unprecedented times with the current COVID-19 National Crisis. However, now more than ever we want to assure you that we are still here to support your employees with their mental health and well-being during these troubled times. Although we shall be connecting with you differently - as the safety of our participants and our team is paramount. We shall be supporting you virtually and digitally for the next few months.


If you or a member of your team are currently struggling with stress, anxiety, depression or any other mental health issues, we can provide help and support to you. 


Case UK deliver the Able Futures programme across Wales, which is a fully funded programme through Department of Works & Pensions


Pick up the phone and call us today 

Case-UK supports the work of Headspace, which is a digital service that provides guided meditation sessions and mindfulness training. When individuals are registered with Case-UK Support Service, we recommend use of the free Headspace App as a starting point for all participants.

To register / login to Headspace click the logo below; 

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